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Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF is a clear self adhesive vinyl film that adds a layer of protection to the paintwork.

Thanks to its outstanding impact-proof properties, it protects your car body against stone chips caused by gravel, insects, car door bumps, car wash brushes, etc. It also provides excellent vandalism protection against keying, and swirls in the paintwork.

The PPF has self healing properties, which means that scratches in the film can be removed with the use of the sun or hot water. The protective film also contains an anti-adhesion component. Thus, dust and dirt will adhere much less to the car body.

The PPF is a highly transparent film that is designed to protect without being seen or altering the appearance of the vehicle. Available in Gloss or Matt finish to suit all paint types and backed by a 7 year warranty. It can be easily removed at any point leaving no marks or damage to the cars original paintwork. 

We offer a variety of packages to suit all protection needs for your car, from partial front end, full front end or complete car. 

PPF can be applied in a variety of uses to protect from accidental or malicious damage, not just on cars. We have applied it on Phones, Rolexes and even kitchen tables. If you have any questions please get in contact.   

Paint Protection Packages


Package includes full bumper and wing mirror cover with partial bonnet and wing.

Package includes full protection for bonnet, bumper, wings, headlights and mirrors.

Package provides complete protection for the full car.

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