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BIke Wraps & Frame Protection

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bicycle wrapping

Stage 1 - Bring us your bike in person or send via courier. Decide what design & colours you would like the frame wrapped in.

mountain bike vinyl wrap
bike frame vinyl wrap

Stage 2 - We get to work, cleaning and prepping the frame before vinyl application.  

Stage 3 - Final checks and handover. All thats left is to take it for a spin.

  • How Long will it take to wrap my frame?
    Each wrap we carry out is unique and we aim to have your bike back to you within 7days
  • Will a vinyl wrap damage my frame?
    No, we use only premium vinyl that is also used to wrap some of the most expensive cars on the planet. It will act as a second skin to protect your frame from scratches and stonechips. We never cut on the frame, instead using various techniques to prevent damage to the frame.
  • Can you wrap my fully built MTB or Road Bike?
    Unfortunately we need the frame stripped of all components to ensure a quality finish that you will be pleased with. We do work with local bikeshops that can offer this service and would be happy to put you in contact with them. So not only can you get your bike wrapped, but serviced as well at the same time. The end product makes it feel like a brand new bike...without the massive cost!!!!
  • I dont live in Northern Ireland...can I still get my frame wrapped?
    Certainly, we are happy to work on frames from around the world. Simply box up the frame and courier it over to us. We wil then complete the work, sending regular updates along the way to keep you up to date. After the wrap is complete, we will video call you to carry out a final inspection before the frame is boxed and shipped back to you.
  • Can you apply Paint Protection Film to my Frame?
    Yes, we offer a complete frame protection package that ensures your pride and joy stays in awsome condition. Using self healing film, the frame will be protected. This can be applied to fully built bikes and there is no need to strip the frame.
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